Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ten Ready Made Answers for the Year 2030!

Ten Ready Made Answers for the Year 2030!

Jump To the year 2030:

Grandchild asks the grandparent…
What did you do when the country went on a National Health Plan?

1) Well cupcake...I just did nothing. That’s why you don’t have a sibling because your mother received a federally funded abortion.
2) I did nothing…and allowed the school to provide an abortion without even notifying us.
3) I did nothing…that is why you don’t know the pledge of allegiance.
4) I did nothing…that is why you are no longer a Catholic. The state has given you a replacement religion.
5) I did nothing…when after they methodically removed the words God, Jesus, and other religious symbols, then watched as they went after the Jews.
6) I did nothing…when I should have intervened when the government first started eroding my liberties.
7) I did nothing…and watched our relatives die because they couldn’t receive the necessary health care that they worked for all their lives.
8) I did nothing…when I knew the politicians at that time, at all levels, were corrupt and every time they opened their mouths they spewed lie after lie and expected me to believe it.
9) I did nothing… when the government gave money, without accountability, to corrupt failing businesses so they can make them government run.
10) I did nothing…and I apologize to you as best I can because the country you live in today, and the country your ancestors worked for, and died for, no longer exists. It has been replaced by whatever you want to call it, Socialism, Communism, whatever.


I must admit that I am at a loss for words after reading this very frightening and thought provoking item which was sent to me by a friend. I will leave it up to the individual reader to take whatever he/she chooses from it. Perhaps the time has come for Americans to take our country back from those who seek to destroy it.

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