Sunday, December 6, 2009

AOH Board Of Erin

I have been copied on the following E-mail message from the AOH Board of Erin following their National Board meeting of December 5, 2009.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have just closed the National Board meeting of AOH Board of Erin. I am instructed to advise you that we have authorized a donation to the Irish Red Cross in the amount of £1,000 for flood relief. We respectfully encourage our American brothers and sisters to join us in this relief effort and to support the work of the Irish Red Cross. We thank you most sincerely in advance for your generosity.

In Our Motto of Friendship, Unity and True Christian Charity,

John Shanahan

AOH Board Of Erin


It appears as though the Board of Erin have assessed the current flooding in Ireland and have determined that the situation is of a drastic nature and immediate help to the victims is indicated. They have elected to make a very generous donation of 1000 Pounds Sterling ($1,650 approx.) and to put their confidence in the Irish Red Cross to distribute it where it is needed most. They have also requested that we, here in the U.S., would also support the work of the Irish Red Cross in this relief effort. I have every confidence that the A.O.H. & L.A.O.H. in America will respond in their usual generous manner.

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