Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brother Eamon Daly and his basketball team from Omagh

To all Hibernian Brothers,

My wife & I were very pleased to have the opportunity to spend a few very pleasurable hours in the company of Brother Eamon Daly and his basketball team from Omagh , Co. Tyrone. Eamon is in every sense of the word an exceptional man and an exemplary Brother Hibernian and friend. His program epitomizes what Hibernianism is all about. Eamon and I spoke in Derry when he first embarked on his program and about his plans to bring young people of both traditions together through participation in sports. His tenacity of purpose and dedication to his ideals have proven beyond doubt that he was absolutely right. Politics are politics but winning over the hearts and minds of young people regardless of the religious or political affiliation of their parents is the key to a lasting peace in Ireland.

The mutual respect and genuine friendship for each other that was so evident between Eamon, his assistant coaches, and especially "his boys" was truly inspirational and very heartwarming. God Bless you, Eamon. The young people in your adopted home in Ireland are so fortunate to have a man like you in their corner and the lives of your Brother Hibernians are richer as a result of our friendship with you which transcends all politics.

Yours in our Motto,

Jack Meehan, Past National President

Ancient Order of Hibernians in America

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